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Fool's Gold a Raegan O'Rourke Mystery paranormal mystery thriller novel book by Brenda Lyne


Fool's Gold

Raegan O'Rourke's mother Danielle is home and the family is finally complete again.

But they can’t go on with their lives just yet. The nefarious Faust men are on a mission to find late River Junction resident Jack Hughes’ legendary stash of gold – and they believe that Danielle’s unique psychic abilities will help them find it. They will stop at nothing to have her.

Along with Jesse Hendricks, Raegan and her family formulate a brilliant but dangerous plan to track down Jack Hughes’ gold before the Fausts do – and find the evidence they need to finally end the Fausts' reign of terror. Will they succeed? Or will they find themselves at the mercy of the evil Faust family forever?

Angel Baby a Raegan O'Rourke Mystery paranormal mystery thriller novel book by Brenda Lyne

Raegan o'rourke mystery #2

Angel Baby

Raegan O'Rourke is called to River Junction, Minnesota to rescue her father from her family's sworn enemies. Then she teams up with local police officer Jesse Hendricks – she with her ability, he with a burning ambition to become a detective – to investigate a mystery that has vexed the residents of this small northern suburb for eleven years.

But when the feud between the Ainsleys and the Fausts escalates, her forbidden relationship with Nicholas Faust crumbles, and she discovers an unexpected connection to the case she’s investigating, Raegan quickly learns that secrets are corrosive – and everything is not always as it seems.

The Thirteenth Cabin, a Raegan O'Rourke Mystery - paranormal mystery thriller novel book by Brenda Lyne


The Thirteenth Cabin

Raegan O'Rourke is a talented investigative reporter with a knack for uncovering the truth. The real truth. You see, Raegan has a gift: she touches things and sees visions of past events.

When her neighbors lose their beloved dog in a mysterious northern Minnesota lake resort fire, Raegan decides to use her touch to investigate the cause and bring closure to the family. In the process she uncovers another, deeper mystery that has baffled authorities and kept an Iron Range community on edge for twenty-five years. 

Solving the two cases will put Raegan's abilities to the test. If, that is, she can stay alive – because some people will protect their secrets at all costs.

Sister Lost a haunted house paranormal mystery thriller novel book by Brenda Lyne

Sister Lost

Lexie Novak and her four-year-old daughter, Ava, are building their new life. But as soon as they move in to their new house on Washburn Avenue, the strange phenomena begin. Ava, normally a bright and happy girl, sleepwalks and throws violent tantrums. Lexie suffers from terrible nightmares, raging heartburn and debilitating headaches. And more than once she catches herself thinking of ways to kill the little brat.

With the help of neighbor Ryan Laughlin, Lexie and Ava must race to uncover the house’s tragic history and find the source of the strange phenomena -- before they become its next victims. Can they figure out who's haunting the house on Washburn Avenue before it's too late?

Charlie's Mirror a time travel mystery thriller novel book by Brenda Lyne

Charlie's Mirror

2019: Deeply scarred by a difficult childhood, Sara Sullivan prefers the company of her cat to other people – until she wakes 30 years in the past, the only person who can stop a deadly campus bombing.

1989: Charlie Anderson is a lonely outcast who develops complicated feelings for Sara and has a run of bad luck with the campus bully – which together put him on a path to revenge that threatens dozens of lives.

Sara and Charlie gradually find themselves on a collision course toward a horrific event that will rock a sleepy Midwestern city to its core and leave a legacy of death and destruction. Will Sara fall victim to tragedy in the past, forever altering the future?

Bourbon and Burlap, a short story collection by Brenda Lyne


Bourbon & Burlap

From the author of paranormal thrillers The Thirteenth Cabin and Sister Lost comes a collection of short stories that will take you on a breathtaking journey through the human condition - and keep you on the edge of your seat.