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A deeply scarred woman in 2019 wakes up as a college student in 1989, the only person who can stop a deadly bombing - and finds that conquering her own demons is the key to saving innocent lives.

"You'll get a real bang out of it...just you wait and see."

~Charlie Anderson

The reviews are coming in! See what people are saying about Charlie's Mirror:

"I read this book in 3 sittings. I especially loved the ending!" ~Jean B.

"I wasn't sure what to expect, cold-buying a brand-new author's book -- but I was pleasantly surprised! It's a quick read, the story perfectly paced, with characters you can get close to and a totally unexpected twist ending! Take a chance on Brenda Lyne! ~Jen D.

"I was hooked from the very beginning so much so I couldn’t put this book down. I polished off this book in one morning, still in my PJs. Quick read, very engaging and very suspenseful. The story was moving and the characters were alive. Really amazing writing and I can’t wait for Brenda’s second book!" ~Sandy D.

"I polished off Charlie's Mirror in 2 sittings! It was a quick easy read that kept me engaged as I wanted to know more. The characters were easy to relate to and well written. Great job for a brand new Author I can't wait to see the growth to come!" ~Jessica A.

"What a great book! It was such a page turner and I didn’t want to put it down. It’s also such a timely reminder that our words and our actions matter, and how we treat people really can make a difference, for better or worse!" ~Jamie H.

"I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The book held my interest from beginning to end. I had the whole thing read in 2 days (I even stayed up waaaayyy past my bedtime reading because I couldn’t put the book down and I just HAD to keep reading to find out what happened next). I highly recommend this book. I cannot wait until the author comes out with a new book." ~Emily D.

"Amazing book written by a new author. I can not wait for more books in the future! I was drawn in early and I couldn't put it down. I even had a couple tears at the end. Excellent!" ~Debra C.

"This is such a fun read! Memories of the 80’s and college life create the perfect backdrop for a time-travel mystery!" ~Courtney B.

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An update - one year later!

27 Questions about me and Charlie!

My first podcast!

This week's special guest is Charlie's Mirror author, Brenda Lyne! Join us as we share the most exciting ups and downs of Sara and Charlie on their journey to changing the past to save the future.

Stay tuned until the last seconds to get some author insider tips and tricks from Brenda Lyne herself! If you are an aspiring thriller book author, this one is a perfect-fit for you.

🎙️ This podcast is brought to you by Read, Write, and Wrong: An Author Chat Show, hosted by Robert Martin!

Watch out for her novel Charlie's Mirror on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and City Limits Publishing. Again, thank you for sharing your time and talent with us, Brenda! It was really an amazing premiere episode having you.

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