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Brenda Lyne is a Minnesota-based indie author of three paranormal thriller novels: Charlie's Mirror, Sister Lost, and The Thirteenth Cabin. If you like nail-biting mystery stories with a spooky twist, then you're in the right place!

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VoyageMinnesota Magazine: Meet Jennifer DeVries

We believe that our communities are great because of the little guys and gals, the mom-and-pops, rising artists, local makers, creatives, and others who go off the beaten path, take risks and try to serve their community with something unique and special. Our goal is for people to spend more of their money with mom and pops, local artists, creatives and makers rather than with large, one-shape-fits-all corporations. Today we’d like to introduce you to Jennifer DeVries.

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Anoka County Library
Featured Author
2022 & 2023

3x Readers' Favorite
5-Star Review Recipient:
Sister Lost, The Thirteenth Cabin, Angel Baby