The Thirteenth Cabin


Raegan O'Rourke is a talented investigative reporter with a knack for uncovering the truth. The real truth. You see, Raegan has a gift: she touches things and sees visions of past events. When her neighbors lose their beloved dog in a mysterious northern Minnesota lake resort fire, Raegan decides to use her touch to investigate the cause and bring closure to the family. In the process she uncovers another, deeper mystery that has baffled authorities and kept a Minnesota Iron Range community on edge for twenty-five years. Solving the two cases will put Raegan's abilities to the test. If, that is, she can stay alive – because some people will protect their secrets at all costs.

Early reviewers are raving about The Thirteenth Cabin!

"I found The Thirteenth Cabin unputdownable. Brenda Lyne’s storytelling is strong and captivating. The Raegan O’Rouke Mystery series is now on my reading list."

K.C. Finn
Readers' Favorite

"The Thirteenth Cabin is a rollercoaster of a thriller with twists and turns to excite readers. Brenda Lyne has crafted an excellent story with a dynamic protagonist and a central mystery that will keep readers guessing to the end. I recommend this book to all."

Michelle Stanley
Readers' Favorite

"In this eclectic mix of a novel, Brenda Lyne took a sleuthing story and sprinkled a dash of magic and paranormal. The Thirteenth Cabin is quite a promising start to what I hope will be an
enchanting series."

Shrabastee Chakraborty
Readers' Favorte