Sister Lost

A Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review Recipient!

As soon as single mother Lexie Novak and her four-year-old daughter Ava move in to their new house on Washburn Avenue, the strange phenomena begin. Ava, normally a bright and happy girl, sleepwalks and throws violent tantrums. Lexie suffers from terrible nightmares, raging heartburn and debilitating headaches...and more than once she catches herself thinking of ways to kill the little brat. With the help of neighbor Ryan Laughlin, Lexie and Ava must race to uncover the secrets of the house on Washburn Avenue and reunite a dying man with his long-lost twin sister before it’s too late.

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Early praise for Sister Lost!

"This novel subverts the typical “haunted house” horror/mystery with genre-bending sub-plots about the elusive mother-daughter bond. The overall story powerful, and leaves a lasting message. It also felt unique."

Sacha T.Y. Fortune
Reedsy Discovery

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"The book was highly enjoyable to read. I truly loved every minute of it! I would definitely recommend Sister Lost to those who are looking for a hair-raising novel that will keep you intrigued the entire time."

Joanne Ang
Readers' Favorite

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"The dark, frightening events' progress is swift and relentless as the frightful elements are presented in a disturbingly grounded manner. Fans of the genre will be pleased with Brenda Lyne's Sister Lost."

Lit Amri
Readers' Favorite

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"The riveting story captures the imagination and contains the elements in which nightmares are born. Superbly written, the plot held me spellbound and breathless from the first page to the last."

Susan Sewell
Readers' Favorite

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"Overall, it’s a really solid read! If you like mystery and true crime, this book has it. If you like character driven stories, you’re almost sure to like this one. It’s just such a page turner that keeps you engaged."

Hannah E. Stewart

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