Bourbon & Burlap:
A Short Story Collection

This collection of ten short stories will take you on a nail-biting ride through psychological and paranormal explorations of life and death. Buckle up and hold on tight!


The stories

Heir Apparent
After sixty years, Eva finally has the chance to sit on the throne of her father's beloved kingdom.

Q Unmasked
A teenager is called to help his country, but for him it’s personal too – it’s a mission to save his family.

Mano a Mano
Jake and his twin are playing a game of one-on-one basketball when a long shot goes astray – and tragedy strikes.

One Wish
The Little Prince is faced with a difficult choice. Will he choose to help someone in need, or will he choose to keep himself safe?

A Tree for Christmas
Breakups hurt. But breakups before Christmas hurt more.

Two and Three-Quarter Inch
A volatile relationship ends in tragedy.

A glimpse into a father's grief.

The Devil Gets a BOGO
Susie finally finds love, but the “big man downstairs” has other ideas.

Love Never Dies
Kimmy nearly becomes the next victim in a terrifying love story.

Obituary of a Tyrant
It's safe to say Lucius will not be missed.