Angel Baby
Raegan O'Rourke Mystery #2

Raegan O'Rourke arrives in River Junction, Minnesota on a mission: to rescue her father from the clutches of the evil Faust family. While there, she stumbles over a cold case that tugs at her heart and introduces her to local police officer Jesse Hendricks. With her psychic ability and his burning ambition to become a detective, they team up to investigate a mystery that has vexed the residents of this small city for eleven years. But when the feud between the Ainsleys and the Fausts escalates, her forbidden relationship with Nicholas Faust crumbles, and she uncovers an unexpected connection to the case she’s investigating, Raegan quickly learns that secrets are corrosive – and things are not always as they seem. Can she solve the case and protect her family from the Fausts? Or will she fall victim to her own vices once again?


Reviewers are raving about Angel Baby!

"The book evoked many emotions of my own. I loved the writing style in this second installment and look forward to reading more of this incredible tale. I recommend it highly to those who enjoy their mysteries wrapped around a good dose of the paranormal."

"Angel Baby is a smooth and engaging read that will not disappoint fans of mystery, suspense, and crime thrillers with a touch of the supernatural.  The unpredictable storyline promises more breathtaking mysteries for Reagan to solve in the next book in the series."

"Brenda Lyne has successfully crafted another page-turner. This story is intriguing, entertaining, and highly recommended for those who enjoy paranormal thrillers and mysteries with a dose of psychological suspense and drama."

"[Brenda Lyne]  is such a gifted and descriptive writer, it made all the dramatic irony, drama, and tensions between characters that much more fulfilling. What can I say, I didn’t want the story to end!"

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